What podcast episode synopses sound like sometimes

  • Bagels, human fists, herbal tinctures. What do all of these things have in common? And what happens when a large bag of all three of them is dumped out of a window onto traffic? The mysterious story of a bag, and the guy it fell on, and the other person who was also there.

  • Angela Drawine hates people. But her job, at a human cloning factory, required her to make even more people. So one day she decided to do something a little out-there, and we won’t say it for 35 minutes.

  • An uproar at the Pepsi headquarters, a mysteriously shy horse, and 15 blood balloons. We’re back with this week’s edition of Thing Thing Thing.

  • Every morning, Pinky McShears flings off her bathrobe, picks up a helmet, and crawls into a hole in her basement where she’s discovered the secret of time.

  • Nobody likes to be called self-indulgent. But when one woman accidentally drowned her plant and got covered in soil water while writing pandemic poetry in the bathtub, she was forced to make a surprisingly difficult choice.

  • Question: When we close our eyes, do we disappear? You’d think the answer is no—but it’s a lot more complicated than that, although the answer is still no. For the real explanation, we talk to an 104-year-old beekeeper in the Canary Islands and my cat Patricia.

  • Caller Ashley Lewis can’t find her math notebook from 7th grade. The search took us all the way down to an unmarked grave in Patagonia.

  • In this moment of political chaos, we have a story about a person who was actually a piece of licorice, and their sister, who was also a piece of licorice, and a 10-year-old who braided the licorice pieces together and ate them, and all of us here began to wonder: Am I a piece of licorice, too?

  • A listener keeps seeing a man in a Spiderman costume outside of his bathroom window, holding a sign that says “I’M SPIDEY.” Brett, Jake and Josh investigate.

Love, Ellie

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