What is "chirality"?

Planets being nice to each other

When you grab something accidentally and are like oh, never mind, but no one is listening or cares so you just said "Oh, never mind" to an object—that, my friends, is chirality

When two moons start competing for the spot of #1 moon

It's when a volcano suddenly turns inward and becomes a great big hole

A little-known synonym for flem caused by certain outdoor molds

A condition of a viral tweet that is specifically about cheese

A pretty specific and complex strain of rality

When something is so exciting (opposite of banality)

The term for when humanity established a direct line of communication with goblins in 1974

A common name for that famous clique of girls—you know!—who are always hollering "CHIRALITY, CHIRALITY, THAT'S THE DERNED MALADY!"

When a planet's core is made of gooey milk chocolate

The name of my pop song about aliens, death and transitioning to a grain-free diet

A property of a viral disease that only affects residents of the city of Charleston (or Chicago or also Chattanooga)

A good word to say dramatically, followed by a heavy pause, at the beginning of a slam poetry performance in 1999

A sort of overly-academic way of describing when someone is part woman and part fish

Anyway this is what it actually means