Things Teri Hatcher said in a YouTube video titled "My Lobster Adventure"

When you boil it, you boil it in the water it grew up in.

Okay, so, I am being a boss, as I was taught to be, and I am ripping that off.

This is really important, because people waste lobster, and I am all about not wasting food.

The great thing about the Maine lobster is that I can actually crush it with my hands. I love that. [Villain voice] I can crush it with my hands.

This is a thing that I find really interesting, because people are afraid of the lobster poop, including my friend Jill here.

It's not really lobster poop, it's intestine. But yes, it is kind of lobster poop.

No, but the poop, there was a little bit of poop.

When someone's filming for you, you have to pay them in lobster. That is the Maine rule.

I'm going to stick my finger in it [sticks finger in carcass, dips it around, pulls out finger with green stuff]. See the kind of green there? [Puts in mouth] It is so good.

Could you drink it? [Drinks out of lobster carcass] It's started making me think, could you do like lobster tamale cocktails?

I have stuff on my face, I've sucked, I've eaten, I've ripped, I've torn, I've been a boss. Enjoy.