Things I cannot remember

The name of a person I dated two people ago

The name of any band if you ask me what music I like

Ditto movies

Ditto books

My birthday, if I am nervous enough

The fire guys plot on Game of Thrones

The name of Selma Blair (now I remember, but yesterday I couldn't)

Where my debit card is

The Spanish language

That I already own three pairs of black lace-up boots

The name of really any food brand

What I did between 2012-2014

The names of everyone I met at both Seders this weekend, except Sela Ward, who I do remember vividly

The name of Sela Ward's husband

The name of Sela Ward's son

Your pet's name and gender

What's the deal with Miriam, Passover-wise, like what was her role

How much is the right amount of weed gummy for my body

How to write my signature if you are looking over my shoulder

What I did at basketball games, exactly, when I was a cheerleader in 6th grade

The name of my 4th grade teacher who used to hit my desk with a yardstick when she got amped up

How to defrost meat

My rising sign

The name of my favorite plant

The last time I yelled at someone

Which plastics are recyclable

Simple math

What a paraben is

My past life as a persecuted witch (I was recently told that in a past life, I was a persecuted witch)

Where my favorite denim jacket is

My family's medical history

My dad's HBO Go login

Kate Dries' mom's cable login

To wear my mouth guard at night

The rest of a dream I had last night where I was hanging out with a four-year-old human boy who was, at the same time, a bug