Some of Derek Blasberg's Instagram posts

Posing with billionaire presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg @mikebloomberg

A goofy photo series on Natalia Vodianova's couch

Lying on the world's largest beanbag in the palace where King Charles I was beheaded in 1649

A closed-mouth smiling mirror pic with Lauren Santo Domingo in a luxury hotel lobby

A selfie in a coronavirus mask

Karlie Kloss's pointy white nails clutching the tip of a croissant

A selfie in front of a gigantic NASA rocket @nasa

A photo of JD Salinger's typewriter from an exhibit with a "no cell phone" policy

A personal note that reads "Happy hoe-lidays, bitch"

A nostalgic description of a hamburger at Pastis asserting that his "freshman 15" came from hamburgers at Pastis

An intimate dinner with Kate Hudson, Stavros Niarchos, the co-founder of Valentino and the crown prince of Greece

A video of a dolphin swimming off the side of a yacht with the caption "He did that on porpoise"

A Las Vegas selfie with Karlie Kloss, Gayle King, Gwen Stefani, Wendi Murdoch, and Dasha Zhukova of Garage Magazine

A selfie with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

A watercolor of a melting planet screaming "HELP ME" on Chateau Marmont stationery

"I like to think about mindfulness, not absolutism" [A Blasberg comment under the above post, responding to a question about whether the world can be both for-profit and sustainable]

A leaf captioned "But literally a [leaf emoji]"

Posing at a gala with Pete Buttigieg and Anna Wintour

Two pieces of bread covered in caviar

A selfie with A$AP Rocky

Clutching Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Serena Williams @YouTube @Google @Prada @future

Larry Gagosian standing next to a porcelain statue of Leonardo DiCaprio

An approving summary of the Musee D'Orsay show 'Black Models: From Gericault to Matisse' that concludes with "At a time when race relations seem on the verge of regression"

Orlando Bloom with a small dog

A happy birthday post to Naomi Campbell

A selfie with John Goodman

Katy Perry hugging a tree in a DVF dress

Doutzen Kroes posing on a boardroom table @Google

A photo with Kamala Harris captioned "BE MY KAMALA-NTINE"

Two pieces of monogrammed luggage sitting side by side on boat in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Gwyneth Paltrow drinking a martini in a garden

Sienna Miller steering a large boat

Cara Delevingne waving a sign that reads "Team Derek"

Jared Leto flipping off the camera

Alexa Chung eating caviar

Candace Bergen and Chloe Malle under the Statue of Liberty

Natalia Vodianova standing under a chandelier in the Ritz Paris

Naomi Campbell lying on a chaise @YouTube

A roll of toilet paper with Andy Cohen's face on it

A selfie in front of The Last Supper

A large platter of mozzarella

Kendall Jenner in a black convertible

Karl Lagerfeld holding up a mask of Karl Lagerfeld

Three pairs of Gucci fur slides

Kaia Gerber alone at a banquet table

A stainless steel water bottle that reads "This Is Not Not Rose"

Two French bulldogs

A baby sucking on a giant Chanel tote

Gazing into the eyes of a white marble statue of a Pharoah based on Pharrell Williams by Damien Hirst

A peach bellini in front of a pool in Venice

A mug reading "All my friends are bad hombres and nasty women"

20 lobster claws

A photo with Rihanna captioned "She betta work work work work work"

Poppy Delevingne at Burning Man

Kate Hudson holding a bowl of strawberries

Dressed as an 18th century Italian prince

Miley Cyrus on her cell phone

Jessica Chastain lying on a couch

Posing with Wendi Murdoch, Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Meyer etc. in front of the Kremlin with the caption "CREME DE LA KREMLIN!"