Real names of beetles

Welcome to 'Horrible Lists,' an exciting newsletter from me!

I have always liked to write lists. This is not an interesting thing about me so much as evidence of why I am the same as everyone else, but it's true. As a child, they were mostly lists of people I liked and lists of people I didn’t like, which is maybe unique (in a negative way). Depending on who had betrayed me that day, I would shift friends and enemies from column to column, an empowering and also confusing exercise that led me to regard nearly all of my associates with a whiff of suspicion.

Although right now I'm attempting to keep what they call a "gratitude journal," I still think it's more fun to do the opposite. And so, every week, you will receive a horrible list. But actually, it will be good. Enjoy!

Real Names of Beetles:

Spider beetle

Black and red blister beetle

Hairy fungus beetle

Deathwatch beetle

Colorado potato beetle

Pleasing fungus beetle

True weevil (or "snout beetle")

Straight snout weevil

Predaceous diving beetle

Carrion beetle (or "burying beetle")

Blue death-feigning beetle

Squash lady beetle

Twice-stabbed lady beetle