Plot ideas for a film titled 'Ferns Rush In'

Billy and Alex have been in love since the fourth grade. But when an army of heavily-armed ferns surrounds them and demands the death of either Billy or Alex, they are faced with a choice.

Samantha is absolutely crushing it at her new job running social media for a company that makes plastic buckets. But she's hiding something—sometimes, out of the corner of her eye, Samantha sees three ferns sprinting towards her, shouting "You bitch! We're coming!"

Mike is an amazing scientist, but he's been sidelined in his field because he got into one too many fistfights. One day, on his computer, Mike notices something: ferns. On the move. Closing in on humanity. Will anyone believe him?

Alicia gets bullied a lot in school, but one day, she finds out that she has a special advantage: at the snap of her fingers, all the ferns in the building will hop out of their pots and waddle towards her, leaping on top of her head and body en masse until she is a giant fern.

After a bad breakup, Maria moves to a small town in Minnesota hoping for a fresh start. But when a series of potted ferns start appearing at her doorstep, marked with unsigned notes that say things like "Do All the Things!" and "#Thriving" and "Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to Be Yourself -Coco Chanel", she starts to suspect that something is not right in this community.

Every time she has a bad day, Pandrea—a quirky girl—goes to the plant store and buys a fern. Pandrea has a lot of ferns. Will anyone ever understand her?

Fern-Laura and Fern-Fritz love being spores, safe on the underside of Fern-Mother's frond. But when they are abruptly catapulted into the air one day, they embark on a totally unforgettable journey toward a nearby patch of dirt.