Celebrities open up about developing emotional bonds with the radiators in their bathrooms

Many celebrities have been outspoken about developing close and intimate relationships with their bathroom radiators. Keep reading to see which ones identify as Radiator Lovers, or have eschewed labels but spoken out more casually about loving, befriending or communicating with their radiators.

1. "Sure," said Salma Hayek, when asked at a recent Notre Dame fundraiser if she has ever physically embraced her bathroom radiator. "Who hasn't?"

2. "I believe it's time for more of us to speak out about this issue," Noah Centineo said in a 2018 magazine interview. Centineo acknowledged that he and his radiator, "Tarl," chat about books and movies every night before bed. "Radiators can think and feel," Centineo said. "Society ought to get used to it."

3. "Of course I am RL (Radiator Lover)," Zoë Kravitz tweeted recently in response to a fan.

4. "Sometimes I sing the entire Oklahoma! soundtrack next to my radiator and a man's voice sings along in a deliciously spooky Southern baritone, and we create harmonies like you wouldn't believe," Reese Witherspoon wrote under an Instagram photo of her hand shoved in between the cold metal bars of an inactive radiator. "I love that, and I love me, and I love my radiator. And that's okay!"

5. When asked on the street about the meaning behind her new hit single "Rad"—whose lyrics include the line "Tell me about it / ra-di-a-tor / tell me all about / your day / because I love to talk to you"—Miley Cyrus smiled, held up a broken metal bar, and sprinted away.

6. "Don't ask me about Lauren," Jeff Bridges muttered when an E! correspondent brought up recent paparazzi photos showing Bridges standing alone in the Malibu surf, holding a sleek silver radiator above his head and screaming, "My darling! My darling!"

7. Fans freaked out on Twitter after Justin Bieber posted a photo of a beaming Hailey Baldwin flaunting what appeared to be parts of a metal radiator fused to the skin of her stomach. "Love my family! #blessings", the post read.

8. Maggie Gyllenhaal was recently spotted flying to BAM cinemas in Brooklyn atop a bespoke teak radiator. "HAHAHA!" she hollered, according to bystanders.

9. A Beyoncé concert in Dallas was cancelled after the audience filed in to discover the venue filled with radiators. Radiators on the chairs, radiators hanging from the ceiling, a single radiator on the stage with a note taped to it, scrawled in blood: "I love my fans but I love radiators more sry"

10. On the campaign trail, reporters have noticed that Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has been replacing his team, one by one, with a series of top-of-the-line radiators. "Bap bappity boopidoo UBI helloooo!" the radiators have been overheard telling Yang. "I KNOW!" Yang was seen replying, frustrated but brimming with affection, kissing each of his radiators on the top of their valves.


Art by Clio Chang