A word of advice from my bespoke forest

Hey New York City! I hope you're all staying safe during this crazy time. That being said, I really encourage you all to get outside—while remaining at a safe distance from others, of course! It's not so hard, and it's so important to move your body and get some vitamin D. This might not work for everybody, but here's what I do:

1. Follow the secret dirt path in the backyard of my great-uncle's Castkills manse into a thicket of pine trees, where soon the outside world falls away.

2. As you move deeper into the trees, listen to the birds sing. Try to find that bird. Oh! There she is!

3. Follow the path as it twists gently up the private mountain my family owns. Gaze at the lichens, growing wild and pale green in the pollution-free air. Breathe in that clean, amazing air. What does it smell like? Bark? Fairies? Meditate on that for a moment.

4. Hum a little tune. No one can hear you! Ha ha! You're alone in a beautiful forest that belongs only to me and my extended family.

5. Time for a nutritious snack. I recommend a nourishing tonic of lemon, fresh organic echinacea, a pinch of spirulina imported from my dear friend Persephone's aquaculture farm in Chiang Mai, and a fistful of herbs from the modest herb garden nestled inside of our greenhouse system. (Really, any fresh herb from my herb garden will work for this.)

6. Continue walking. Soon, you'll have made it to the top of the (my) mountain. Look out into the distance. The roads are empty. The entire world has stopped, except for the flowers, blooming softly in the early spring. But you haven't stopped. You've never felt more alive. Because if you're anything like me, you have access to essentially limitless outdoor space.

7. Post an Instagram photo of yourself immersed in nature. In the caption, let your followers know how easy it is to practice self-care during this challenging moment in history.


(Image via YouTube)